Super Mario hits the District


Photo courtesy of Dave’s Geeky Ideas

By Lanie Rivera

Designer Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Ideas has caused quite a stir among the District’s Super Mario fans with his Super Mario World Map fashioned out of the WMATA metro lines.

Gamer’s critiques are aimed at the real-life metro system rather than the artist’s creative spin on the map design.

“If this is anything like WMATA, understand that half of the stations will be unplayable due to station ‘improvements.’ And don’t even consider playing any red line station on the weekends,” commented Taytacular, a video game consumer, on’s March 20 post.

While some gamers were amused by Delisle’s design, others debated the efficiency of the map if it were played as a video game.

Many responses, like Taytacular’s, said the frequent construction of WMATA would pose many setbacks for Super Mario gamers.

“I bet my stop, Vienna, doesn’t have the princess. Just a castle under construction and a lot of magic whistle terminals that don’t work half the time,” said consumer J.D. Levite.

The District’s metro system was not the first subject of Delisle’s creative remix. California’s BART system was made into Mario Kart’s iconic Rainbow Road track.  The Canadian native artist also created maps for his country — Vancouver’s Skytrain map and Montreal’s TTC subway were designed in the likes of Super Mario Bros 3. London’s tube system couldn’t even escape his artistry.

In the future, Delisle hopes to work on designs for cities such as Atlanta and St. Louis.

His posters are for sale here.