What to do When You’re Over March Madness

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art (Photo credit: vpickering)

By Nicole Lafond

If you’re like me and lack the mental capacity to develop any type of interest or appreciation for sports, especially March Madness, check out this list of activities that are “cooler than watching March Madness” that In The Capitol, a blog that follows DC happenings from an inside perspective, released this week.

We approve of most of these suggestions, but here are a few of our favorites:
1. Go to an art gallery– (Of course we approve of this one) And not just the National Gallery of Art. Be sure to check out ArtJamz or Foundry Gallery in Dupont Circle, Project4 on U Street, or even Studio Gallery over on R Street.
2. Go to a concert– The U Street Music Hall and The Black Cat do a pretty good job of bringing in artists that reach outside of the mainstream. Since spring has sprung (sort of) many up-and-coming artists will be beginning their summer tours, and DC is a popular starting point. This weekend Sigur Ros and The Gospel Brunch will be in town; Sigur Ros on Sunday at the Patriot Center and Gospel Brunch at The Hamilton.
3. Go food trucking– And be sure to check out the local food trucks instead of the chains (we’re all about local expression). In The Capitol blogger recommended The Big Cheese, which sells every type of grilled cheese sandwich you could think of, and Curbside Cupcakes.
4. Go to a book signing– This is a great opportunity to get an author’s perspective on their own piece of work before you read it. Kramers Books and Afterwards Cafe is known for its alternative night life ambiance and features many evening book signings, perfect for a young crowd.
If you’re like me and you don’t understand the significance of a “bracket,” do not fret. There’s plenty to do in this city for our athletically challenged minds.

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